Annika í Dímun_EN

annika_i_dimunThis is a newly written exciting book for children/young based on the faroese legend of Annika of Dímun. The legend says that she was condemned to death and drowned in the harbour of Tórhavn in 16. century for having killed her husband, the peasant of the island Dímun. 

The story begins with Annika trying to run away from her father, the sheriff of the island Sandoy, who has lost her in a game of cards to the peasant of Dímun. Even though she is already engaged with the farmhand Sjúrður and has been promised to marry him, she is forced to marry the peasant of Dímun and live with him. The peasants´ son, Tróndur, is not happy about Annika beeing on Dímun and is behaving obstructively. In spite of the difficulties and the danger of doing so, Annika and Sjúrður keep on seing each other secretely on Dímun, when Sjúrður has the opportunity to visit her on the island. 

Author: Ingun Christensen.

Book for young/adults * Age: 12+ * 88 pages * Illustraton: Edward Fuglø * Published: September 2017 * Publisher: Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags.


  1. November 2017:
    • Silja Aldudóttir: “Annika í Dímun – ein sagnarkvinna sleppur til orðanna” (“Annika í Dímun – A legendary woman expresses herself”. Article in Bókajól 2017 in the paper Sosialurin 15 November. The article is in Faroese and is available here: 2017-11_Silja Aldudóttir_Grein_Annika í Dímun_Bókajól 2017


  1. October 2017 – Comment/Presentation: 
    • It is a joy when your published work is being red or as in this case being used in a school assignment. Lilja S. Andreassen is going in 8th grade in a school of the municipality of Tórshavn. In connection with an  assignment in Faroese writing she chose to write about my new book “Annika í Dímum“. Besides the written assignment the pupils had to make a short video presentation. The presention and review of my book is available in Faroese below:


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