The Spider Princess

2. EiturkoppaprinssanThe King and Queen so dearly want a child and then finally have a beautiful daughter. Alas, a vindictive old hag disrupts the royal couple´s bliss and turns the princess into a spider! But this is a fairytale after all, so the royal family has to endure a great many trials and tribuations! A different fairytale with striking bright pictures befitting a real princess!

Author: Ingun Christensen.

Children´s book * Age: 5-9 * 82 pages * Illustraton: Herdis Jakobsen * Published: October 2013 * Publisher: Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags.


  1. November 2013:
    • Article in the Faroese newspaper Sosialurin about me and my newly published children´s book “Eiturkoppaprinsessan”. The article is also about the illustrator of the book Herdis Jakobsen (in Faroese)2013-11_Umrøða_Bókajól í Sosialinum    


  1. Oktober 2014:
    • Reading of “Eiturkoppaprinsessan” in the national Faroese Broadcasting for children. Reciter: Eyð Matras. The first part of the story is available below (in Faroese):




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