Marin og Hjartavætturin_EN

Marin and the Heartpixie

Marin og HjartavætturinMarin is 6 years old and is in daycare. Her best friend is Amalie and they play very well together except when they now and then have a quarrel.  Marin´s mum and dad are really busy working and therefore don´t have time to pretty much else. Therefore Marin is happy about having a great-grandmother who always has plenty of time for her and also is in posession of a very special doll – a Heartpixie.  And besides that, it is exciting to have a cool nanny called Randi, who comes for her almost every time at the daycare except when she forgets it. Randi is wearing a nose ring and is frequently dyeing her hair in different colours. She is also painting her nails yellow with black stars and other strange things. Moreover, she is using strange words and is getting up to al kind of strange things.  

AuthorIngun Christensen.

Children´s book * Age 5-8 * 55 pages * Illustrations: Kathrina Skarđsá * Published: November 2018 * Publisher: Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags.

A serie of 2 books:

  • Marin I – and the Heartpixie 
  • Marin II – gets a little brother  (Being published in 2019)