Garðvættrarnir gera uppreistur_EN

The brownies rebel

Garðvættrarnir gera uppreisturIt is December and Christmas is approacing. The five brownies living on a farm far up in the northern islands are hungry and in a bad temper. They haven´t been served with rice pudding with butter and powdered cinnamon as usual in December. For three days they have only been served with water and dry bread. 

Nothing seems to be as usual on the farm. The farmer´s wife is lying sick in the bed and therefore the maid on the farm has taken over the dayly tasks in the kitchen. And she doesn´t believe in brownies – what you can´t see with your eyes only can´t be real – can it?

The book contains a CD where the story is being read out and the songs in the book is being played and sung. The author Ingun Christensen has written the songs and made the melodies, and Pauli Hansen has written the music and chords.

Author: Ingun Christensen.

Children´s book * Age: 5-9 * 66 pages * Illustraton: Allan Korsager Davidsen * Published: November 2010 * Publisher: Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags.


  1. December 2010:
    • Article in the Faroese newspaper Dimmalætting about me and the newly published children´s book “Garðvættrarnir gera uppreistur” (in Faroese): 2010-12_Grein í Dimmalætting


  1. December 2010: Reading of “Garðvættrarnir gera uppreistur” in the national Faroese broadcasting for children. Reciter: Elin á Rógvi


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