Katrin í Toftum_EN

Katrin í ToftumThis is a story based on the Faroese legend of Katrin í Toftum. The legend stems from the Faroese village Hósvík and takes place in the late 18th century. The story is about a young peasant´s daugther, Katrin, who finds a braided silk ribbon one day she has been in the outfield to milk her father´s cows.  One night a strange man shows up and wants the ribbon back. He claims it belongs to him and is a special ribbon. But  Katrin feels attached to the ribbon and doesn´t want to give it back to him. Finally, when Katrin finds out that this is not an ordinary man who keeps on visiting her, she gets scare and wants to give the ribbon back. But now the strange man wants more than the ribbon and won´t leave her alone. A story about heathen forces, Christianity and love.  

Author: Ingun Christensen.

Book for young/adults * Age: 12+ * 88 pages * Illustraton: Kathrina Skarđsá * Published: September 2018 * Publisher: Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags.