SkuggamyndirCollection of short stories for youth / adults

Imagine sitting in a bus where everyone has a story to tell!

In these nine short stories from contemporary daily life, the author lets people tell their story. With this, he allows the reader to glimpse the silhouettes behind the people. Their stories intertwine to reveal the ways in which we all affect each other.

In this collection we meet the teenager, who always feels his parents´ eagle-eyes on him; the woman in the red mac on her way to work in the linen store with a sore wrist; the man with the moustache, who no longer wants to  hide who he is; the young brunette struggling to find her footing between expectations and demands; the dark-eyed young man with the impression that the grey-eyes of the man next to him are ominous; the old man, who faithfully visits his wife at the nursing home, and the young mother struggling to balance work and family life.

Author: Ingun Christensen.

Short stories * Youth / adults * 78 pages * Cover illustration: Høgni Egholm Magnussen * Published in October 2015. Publisher: Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags

Languages: Faroese – Swedish

Faroese: Skuggamyndir – Swedish: Skuggbilder



Swedish publisher September 2018: Fri Press * Translator: Joakim Lilljegren * Cover illustration: Sara Lundstedt.


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