My name is Ingun Christensen. I am raised in a bilingual home so perhaps my interest in foreign languages stem from my bilingual background. I am holder of a Certificate in Trilingual Business Language English/German and has a further education as Bachelor of Modern Languages and Business Studies as well as the Business Language Diploma Programme (ED2). Moreover, I have studied some Spanish. 

Literature has always been a very important part of my life from early childhood on. I have always been a passionate reader. 

Although my writing first started seriously some few years ago, my interest in writing and telling stories have always been bubbling inside of me somehow. I wrote my first poem at the age of 12 and made a melody to it as well. Since then, I have written several songs in connection with special family gatherings. 

There is something alluring and exciting in combining imagination and words in creative writing – to tell a story where you are the creator and at times the listener/reader as well when the story takes over.  

My first published work was a poem called Trælabundin (“Enslaved“) in the magazine “Kvinna” (“Woman“) in 2009. Several books and short stories have been published since then.