Mynd 53

Hiking is one of my passions. Walks just in nature or in the mountains. In Faroe Islands we are blessed with at beautiful nature even though the climate may be rather rough at times. There are 340 mountains spread around our 18 Islands. The highest mountain is named Slættaratindur and is about 880 m high. It may not seem of much compared to other places around the world. But don´t underestimate the lack of heights. Several of the mountains are steep, rocky and surrounded by crags. So as a passionate mountain hiker I would recommend to be cautious and never to go alone in the mountains if you not are familiar with the local area and conditions. You can get trapped not only in the mountains, but also by one of our very well-known weather conditions: The fog. Another condition to be aware of is the rain, because it makes the grass field slippery, which can be dangerous on the very steep mountains.

On this site you can see pictures from some of my hikings both in nature and in the mountains. Enjoy 🙂