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Articles & Interviews

  1. November 2018:
  2. Mars 2018:
    • The short story collection Skuggamyndirhas now been translated into Swedish with the title Skuggbilder. Joakim Lilljegren is the translator of the collection and has written an article about the process in translating from the Faroese language into the Swedish language. The article is available here: 2018-03_Att översätta från färöiska_Grein_Joakim Lilljegren
  3. November 2017:
    • Silja Aldudóttir: “Annika í Dímun – ein sagnarkvinna sleppur til orðanna” (“Annika í Dímun – A legendary woman expresses herself”. Article in Bókajól 2017 in the paper Sosialurin 15 November. The article is in Faroese and is available here: 2017-11_Silja Aldudóttir_Grein_Annika í Dímun_Bókajól 2017
  4. March 2017:
    • Article in the Faroese school magazine in which a libriarian at NÁM (institute under the Ministry of Culture providing service and teaching material for the educational system) informs about the book class sets borrowed the most the last couple of years. With reference to the article the children´s books Rani I og II have been on the TOP 10-list of most borrowed book in 2015 and 2016. Rani I – Ein nýggj byrjan has been no. 1 on the list in 2015 as well as in  2016, whereas Rani II – Vár og vónir has been no. 3 in 2016.
    • The article is availale in Faroese on the following link: Rani I og II_Flokssett_NÁM.
  5. Juni 2014:
  6. November 2013:
    • Article in the Faroese newspaper Sosialurin about me and my newly published children´s book “Eiturkoppaprinsessan”. The article is also about the illustrator of the book Herdis Jakobsen (in Faroese)2013-11_Umrøða_Bókajól í Sosialinum    
  7. December 2010:
    • Article in the Faroese newspaper Dimmalætting about me and the newly published children´s book “Garðvættrarnir gera uppreistur” (in Faroese): 2010-12_Grein í Dimmalætting